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We take your data security very seriously at Foresight...

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Data Protection at Foresight

We take your data security very seriously at Foresight, but protecting personal details is getting more difficult as technology evolves. Over the last six months, fraudsters have scammed an estimated £100 million by tricking companies or individuals to make ‘authorised transfers’ into a third-party bank account. One the payment has been made the money is withdrawn. As the transfer was instructed by the individual, claiming the money back from a financial institution is often difficult, with only a 25% success rate at the present time.

Due to the increase in fraud in the industry, we are implementing a number of measures to protect yourselves from such frauds. When you contact the office or if we call you to discuss your accounts, we are implementing a number of security questions that will need to be answered before we can discuss any of your accounts or information we hold.

The questions asked will be with regards to your personal information, such as your date of birth and national insurance number. As an added layer of security, we are asking all our clients to provide a password that is held on file which only you will know. If you are unwilling to answer the questions, then unfortunately we are not able to discuss any information.

Also, if we receive any withdrawal instruction via email please note that we will need to confirm these with you with a quick telephone call. This is the case even if you have expressed the amount, where the funds are to be pate and the date the funds are to be paid.

Ultimately this is all done to protect both ourselves and you from a fraudster trying to take what is not theirs. If you have any questions regarding our data protection processes, please do not hesitate to call the office on 0161 926 9350 and ask a member of the team.

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