Inheritance Tax Planning…

Last year, HMRC collected a record-breaking £4.9bn from inheritance tax (IHT). One reason for the record-breaking inheritance tax collection is that financial planning is often conducted on an individual basis, rather than incorporating other family members.  So, instead of considering bequeathing assets to children alone, it could be worth considering how grandchildren and great-grandchildren can

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Junior ISAs…

In recent years, housing prices have risen steeply and securing a rung on to the property ladder has become a distant dream for many. Due to these factors, young people have become ever more reliant on the bank of Mum and Dad. However, prudent and careful investment planning when a child is young could help

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FREE Residence Nil Rate Band Briefing – Tuesday, 17th April – The Bulls Head, Hale Barns

Important changes to the rules regarding Inheritance Tax came into effect with the introduction of the Residence Nil Rate Band in April 2017, which meant that £1m could fall outside a couple’s estate. For many local residents, this could mean that their main residence falls outside the scope of this pernicious tax. However, the many

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New Starter…

We are delighted to welcome a new member to Foresight. Des Denniston is the newest recruit to our expanding Client Manager team.  Having had previous experience in the finance industry, he has fitted in well to the Foresight approach and is soon to begin studying for his Diploma in Financial Planning. Lissa Horton, Operations Director,

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Data Protection at Foresight

We take your data security very seriously at Foresight, but protecting personal details is getting more difficult as technology evolves. Over the last six months, fraudsters have scammed an estimated £100 million by tricking companies or individuals to make ‘authorised transfers’ into a third-party bank account. One the payment has been made the money is

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Ben Dyson

Ben Dyson met with Phoebe Stone, who helps run the LGT Vestra model portfolios and the Volare multi-asset funds to go through some questions and thoughts that highlight the Investment Committee’s approach to the management of the portfolios… Firstly, congratulations Phoebe on being named in the best 30 under 30, 2018 class of wealth managers.

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