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Business Owner Strategy.

A clear strategy is critical to keeping you on course.

Business owner financial planning.

Business owner financial planning is a crucial process that involves strategically managing the financial aspects of a business. By developing a comprehensive financial plan, you can enhance your business’s financial stability, sustain business growth, and secure your personal financial future.

Business owner financial planning is one aspect of running a business that can often feel daunting unless you are an expert, like us. As business owners ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to make and keep a business successful.

When running a successful business there is no one-size-fits-all for financial planning. It is not unusual for there to be an overlap between personal and business finance which is why it is important to have someone on board who understand both sides.

At Foresight, we can provide comprehensive financial advice tailored to your unique circumstances. Our team are experts in business financial planning, both for yourself and your team members. We integrate cashflow modelling, tax planning, pension planning and employee benefits to ensure your whole financial planning is always up to date.

Services we can provide...

Services we can provide...

Cashflow Modelling

Cashflow modelling is the practice of planning and forecasting the sources and use of assets throughout your life. This provides a framework to enable the most effective, efficient, and economic use of your money. The benefit of cashflow financial planning is to allow you to build a clear idea of what you are aiming for and to give you a number to work to. Our Team can help you to understand where you are going and build a strategy with you to get there.

Financial Planning

Good business owner financial planning is about being prepared.  We help you understand what your long-term financial goals are and show you the strategies that other successful business owners have used.  We then create your own comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals and help put them in place for you.

Tax Planning

As your business grows , so do your tax liabilities.  It can be difficult to keep on top of this.  Working with Foresight, we can help plan for this.  Once we understand your growth and future plans we create a roadmap for you, identifying what will happen when and a plan of how to manage this.  Preparation is key and our professional understanding can help make tax season less daunting.


Monitoring the flow of money in and out of a company is a big task and ensuring there is enough accessible capital to pay the bills is a necessity. There are a number of ways you can manage this, with our help we can suggest the best option and create a plan. 

Employee Benefits

Attracting top talent and retaining them is a job in itself.  We ensure that you have a leading proposition in place for your business that makes it attractive for the right people to join you.  We then run and monitor it for you, leaving you to grow the business and do what you do best.

Pension planning

All employers within the UK must now provide a workplace pension. A good pension is an excellent benefit for your team members, and setting it up correctly can bring extra benefits for you and your employees. We know that pension planning can be overwhelming, so we are here to advise on the options available to you and manage the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the plans for you.

Business Exit

Deciding when and how to exit a business is as much about strategy as starting one.  Our expert team will help build value for you in your business.  We also work with trusted professionals that can make a real difference in getting your business ready to sell and in ensuring a successful transaction.  We work with you to determine what you need  from your business to achieve financial independence and make sure the money is used in the best way to achieve that.

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Using The Quantum Programme gives me a deeper understanding of my clients that allows me to build trusted long-term relationships.
Mike Barnes, Wealth Strategist

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Protection Planning

This forms the basis of any good financial plan and helps you to be able to plan for the future, whatever you want that to be. We assess your long-term goals and create a plan to ensure secure your families future and well-being.

Financial Legacy planning

Inheritance Tax

Careful inheritance tax planning can significantly reduce how much inheritance tax you and your family will have to pay. We work to minimise your liability and maximise your legacy by implementing a number of management strategies that are available to us due to our independent nature.

Ethical investing

Investing in sustainable and ethical companies is becoming a more common approach for investors as the returns they provide are often equal to any other investment option. Our team can work with you to ensure your investment strategy meets your personal beliefs and choices.

Estate Planning

Helping you to put together a clear plan that details how, and by whom, your estate is to be managed. We will ensure a strategy is put in place to utilise all available allowances while minimising any additional costs.

Legacy planning services

Legacy Planning

Building a strategy that prepares for life after… You may wish to pay off a family mortgage or ensure grandchildren have money available for education. Whatever you decide your legacy is to be, we can ensure that an appropriate plan is in place.

Retirement Planning

We work to establish what you want your retirement to look like. We analyse your current arrangements – pensions, investments and other assets such as properties and businesses, before deciding with you how to best use them to fund your retirement.

Investment Planning

Investment planning. Taking the hassle out of investing…

Investment planning is all about making the money that you have saved work as hard as possible for you

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