Who we work with

Personal wealth management.

Our clients are individuals or couples who are looking for help with their personal wealth management.

They are usually business owners or professionals, who have more complex financial planning requirements. We often help them with both their personal and business financial planning.

Many have outgrown their previous financial planners or are simply looking for a company who are able to offer a more holistic approach.

The Foresight team is made up of a group of experts, allowing us to provide advice on a number of important areas such as personal investment planning, retirement planning, legacy planning and even protection planning.

We specialise in looking at your entire financial picture and, importantly, take the time to fully understand your long-term goals and objectives to enable us to offer the best advice.

Every client goes through our Quantum Programme, which has been developed specifically to provide you with advice that will meet your long-term goals. We use the concept of marginal gains to provide incremental gains at each stage of the process, which helps you get closer to your financial objectives.

Clients work with us over a period of years, so we can get to know you and your little idiosyncrasies – and understand your beliefs and goals. Having this innate understanding of you helps us to help you plan your future and your legacy.

Who we work with

Business wealth management.

Business owners are often too busy running their businesses to spend time organising their finances properly. We understand how personal and business finances are often interlinked, making your financial planning complicated.

We can take the stress away from the financial planning side of running a business, providing you with the right advice to suit your specific needs, at the right time. For your business, we can support you with business investments, auto-enrolment of pensions and cashflow modelling amongst other things.

For business owners, there is also the consideration of how to plan your business exit. This may be leaving the business to family, allowing you to retire, or selling your share of the business. We can help you work out how much you need to generate form the sale of your business understand the complexities of this and how to make the most out of your decision.

With The Quantum Programme I can look at the whole financial picture for my clients. Regular check-ins through The Calibration Audit means that their plans and investments are always optimised.

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