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Building capital is hard…

successful management of it is harder.

Financial planning services.

At Foresight, we specialise in providing financial planning services and advice for a wide range of clients, helping them to meet their personal and financial goals.

Our financial planning services provide you with valuable guidance and strategies to manage your finances effectively. We operate a comprehensive financial planning approach to ensure that all of your financial requirements are met. Whether that is to ensure your family is protected in the event of premature death, long-term disability or a critical illness diagnosis, we can ensure that everything to protect you is in place. We can also help prepare for the sale of your business and help you plan for a well-deserved early retirement spent travelling the world.

As part of our financial planning services, we work closely with you to identify and quantify your financial goals, before working backwards to find out your current position and develop the strategies to get you where you want to be. Using a range of accepted financial planning techniques and visualisation techniques we ensure that realistic and affordable strategies are developed with you.

Our expert team then implements your plan and manages these strategies over time.

We provide a broad range of financial planning services, individually or as part of a holistic approach, ultimately ensuring that all long-term goals are met.

How do we do it?

Our bespoke process, The Quantum Programme, has been designed to guide every client through their own tailored journey.

The financial planning services we provide are a little different to the usual ones you would find. This is because we focus first and foremost on the end goal, and only once we understand what you are looking to achieve do we work back from there. Whether your aim is to be able to retire early and travel the world, or simply ensure that your family or business is looked after if anything happens to you, we can help.

Taking the time to understand you in great detail creates a better starting point for putting the right strategies in place that will make your goals more achievable.  Regular monitoring then helps you stay on track.

Our services.

Protection Planning

This forms the basis of any good financial plan and helps you to be able to plan for the future, whatever you want that to be. We assess your long-term goals and create a plan to ensure secure your families future and well-being.

Financial Legacy planning

Inheritance Tax

Careful inheritance tax planning can significantly reduce how much inheritance tax you and your family will have to pay. We work to minimise your liability and maximise your legacy by implementing a number of management strategies that are available to us due to our independent nature.

Ethical investing

Investing in sustainable and ethical companies is becoming a more common approach for investors as the returns they provide are often equal to any other investment option. Our team can work with you to ensure your investment strategy meets your personal beliefs and choices.

Estate Planning

Helping you to put together a clear plan that details how, and by whom, your estate is to be managed. We will ensure a strategy is put in place to utilise all available allowances while minimising any additional costs.

Legacy planning services

Legacy Planning

Building a strategy that prepares for life after… You may wish to pay off a family mortgage or ensure grandchildren have money available for education. Whatever you decide your legacy is to be, we can ensure that an appropriate plan is in place.

Future estate planning is essential to protect your wealth

Business Owner Strategy

Our team can help to take the pressure off the financial planning side of running a business, ensuring that appropriate policies are in place. Equally, if you want to leave the business, we can advise on the best time and method of doing this.

The Quantum Programme has been pivotal to my ongoing development and success. It ensures I get access to every last detail so that I can provide the best advice for my clients.
Ben Dyson, Senior Wealth Strategist

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