The Quantum Programme, our bespoke wealth management process.

The Quantum Programme.

The Quantum Programme is a bespoke wealth management process, developed specifically with our clients in mind.

The process takes every client through the same approach to ensure we gain a deep understanding of the entire financial picture, and you as a person. However, each journey is different, and we tailor your programme to fit you, rather than the other way around. With our deep understanding of your finances, we develop unique wealth strategies for both personal and business wealth management. 

When creating a financial plan, we utilise a range of financial planning techniques to gain insights into your financial profile. We consider your current and future position, as well as your long-term goals, and even the legacy you wish to leave behind. The Quantum Programme is a totally holistic approach to your financial planning.

Clients work with us over many years – some clients have been with us for over 20 years – and complete various iterations of The Quantum Programme as their lives, outlooks and financial circumstances change.

Your financial plan should evolve with you over time and the programme allows our team to understand how you are evolving so that they can provide the best bespoke portfolio management and financial planning advice throughout.

The Exploratory Discussion

Understanding you and your goals.

It’s all about you. We want to hear about you and your financial goals. Where do you want to be? And, most importantly, why do you want to be there? Our bespoke wealth management is built on getting to know you and your future goals, so we can help you get there. 

We tell you a bit about us, how we work and how we would be able to help you achieve your objectives. It is vital you understand how your financial plan would come together. We work with clients closely over many years, so it’s important to make sure we get off to the best start.

The Positioning Meeting

What are we working with?

We now know where you want to be, but where do you currently stand?

The Positioning Meeting allows you to tell us about your current situation. We look at everything to ensure that your finances are operating efficiently.

To ensure you are not inadvertently wasting money and that you are in the best position to move forward.

We then put figures to your objectives so that we can measure your progress towards them.

The positioning meeting is a crucial step of the process to ensure that the bespoke wealth management plan we create, can be achieved. 

The Reconnaissance Survey

Getting into the details.

Most clients have existing plans. They often have advisers.

Once we know what plans you already have, we examine them in forensic detail. Financial plans are notoriously difficult to decipher, but we are experts in finding out what is really happening with them.

We carefully analyse the underlying funds to look at performance and also the risk – to ensure you are getting the best performance with the lowest possible risk.

The outcome is that we know exactly where you stand and what you have in place, which means that we are in the ideal position to work out your wealth strategies.

The Alignment Strategy

Design your plan.

Now that we know where you want to be and what you have in place, we work out what re-alignment needs to take place.

Often this involves some fine-tuning of what you already have in place – small changes can make a great difference over time.

We also look at the bigger picture and recommend the larger changes that need to be made to get you on track with your goals.

By the end, you will have a written wealth management plan that details exactly what you need to do – and how you are going to achieve your objectives.

The Implementation Meeting

Agree on a wealth strategy.

Once we have identified and agreed with you on what your wealth strategies are going to be, we then need to implement them.

As you would expect, we are meticulous in making sure that everything is put in place quickly, smoothly and with the minimum of fuss.

We keep you up to date with progress at all times and our bespoke wealth management process will provide you with a complete schedule of the plans you have in place.

We will even organise your existing financial planning paperwork so that is manageable, relevant and up-to-date.

The Calibration Audit

Review and react.

The most important component of your financial plan is to review, adjust and realign your plan.

Financial planning is an ongoing process and we work with you at all times to ensure your plan continues to remain current – one that adapts to any changes in your goals, objectives or situation.

The Edge...

The difference.

The Quantum Programme is built on the concept of marginal gains – being that bit better at every individual component of your plan reaps significant incremental benefits.

Using cutting-edge financial planning techniques, market-leading software, and coupled with our significant experience enables us to develop a plan for you that can make a difference.

Whether it’s business wealth management or personal wealth management, we create bespoke wealth strategies that are completely unique to you.  

Which leaves you with a roadmap that you can relate to and want to works towards, meaning that you are more likely to want to work with us over the longer term. The compounding effect of these small incremental advantages, applied consistently over time gives our clients The Edge.

What do the team think?...

The Quantum Programme is pivotal to my ongoing development and success. It ensures I get access to every last detail so that I can provide the best advice for my clients.
With The Quantum Programme I can look at the whole financial picture for my clients. Regular check-ins through The Calibration Audit means that their plans and investments are always optimised.
Using The Quantum Programme gives me a deeper understanding of my clients that allows me to build trusted long-term relationships.
The Quantum Programme gives me the opportunity to get to fully understand my clients' beliefs and desires, allowing me to understand what options will meet their needs over time.
Legacy planning is much more than leaving property and wealth behind. The Quantum Programme help you decide what your legacy will be and what needs to be done to achieve this.

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