It’s our 25th Birthday today!

Today is the 25th anniversary of Foresight.

Who would have thought that, on the 16th February 1998, we would have ended up where we are today?

What a journey it has been! There have been incredible highs, some significantly lower points – but, overall, the best decision I ever made to start the company.

We are now a team of 20 people, working in the most prestigious offices in Hale, dealing with amazing clients and providing what I consider to be the best financial planning advice that I have seen.  We have the most exciting plans ahead of us.   Our future is way bigger than our past.

Every day, I still enjoy coming to the office, working with the best set of colleagues you could wish for, and practicing in the most professional way.

After 25 years I am now totally unemployable but having the best time ever.  Who else is in the enviable position where they can say that?

Here’s to the next 25 years and whatever that brings!