Recommended Internet Provider

Foresight has been using Zen Internet for our internet connection for over 20 years. I have always been a fan of Zen, based in Rochdale, which are the only internet provider that has remained in business since 1995.  They offer an amazing product, excellent and knowledgeable service, and at a competitive price.  Not the cheapest, but not that much more than the cheapest – and you get what you pay for.  They are the only Which? Recommended broadband supplier.

We are now upgrading our broadband to a full fibre connection in the next few weeks, which should result in an even more stable IT infrastructure and better video calls and data transfer.

I also like the philosophy of Zen’s founder, Richard Tang.  Zen’s 3 guiding principles are:

1        Happy staff

2        Happy customers

3        Happy suppliers

I agree with all 3 of these wholeheartedly.

I watched a recent blog from Richard Tang who said that, with the introduction of full fibre, Zen is now offering speeds over 35,000 times faster than when they first opened for business – the same speeds we had when we started in 1998.  This follows Moore’s Law – which states that computing power doubles every 2 years – and which has remained true over the last 50 years.

If only everything else could have improved by the same factor over the last 28 years!