Estate Planning – working with Professional connections.

At Foresight, we like to think that we are experts in what we do – financial planning. However, one of the most important things to know as a professional is not only where your expertise starts but, even more importantly, where it ends.

This is why we have a network of trusted professional connections in areas such as Wills and Trusts, Mortgages, Loans, Accountancy, Tax Planning, and even Business Consultancy.  We work with these professionals on a collaborative basis to bring the best results for our clients.

Our aim is to provide a complete end-to-end experience so that clients are well-organised in all areas of their finances and business.  There is no point in having the best financial planning in place if you do not have a Will, or you are paying too much on your mortgage.

Estate planning is an area where integration really works well.  A symbiotic relationship between a Solicitor and a Wealth Strategist ensures that all the options are considered.

Legal documents, such as Wills and Trusts, can vastly improve the efficiency of an estate, and also ensure that your wishes are followed.  However, the effectiveness of such planning is significantly improved when utilised in conjunction with well-devised investment strategies, which provides the best possible outcome in terms of both tax and investment growth.

For instance, Business Property Relief qualifying investments can provide your estate with 100% inheritance tax relief after only 2 years, whilst allowing control over the assets in the meantime, something that may be lost if only Trusts are involved.

Foresight, as one of the leading Wealth Strategists, are ideal partners for other professional practices, so we are constantly able to evaluate and choose the best professional to work with.  We liaise with them directly on your behalf to ensure that you get the best results using the minimum of time, creating extra value for our clients.

If you would like to find out how our collaborative approach works for your situation then please contact us and one of our Wealth Strategists would be pleased to explain the options available to you.