Foresight Wealth Strategists Summer Day Out 2022

On Wednesday, 16th June, the Foresight team went to Alton Towers Resort for a well-deserved Summer day out.  The British weather was very kind and the sun shined all-day.  Even better, not many others had the same idea, so everyone was able to experience all the rides with very little queuing!

In the past we have also had Summer excursions but the last couple of years have been very unusual, with nowhere open and us being able to get everyone together.  So, it was lovely to go somewhere and blow some cobwebs off.

Although it was a day away from the office, we think that it is important for us be able to spend the time to bond away from the pressures of work to create a great place to work, as well as a feeling of camaraderie which enhances teamwork, something that is essential in bringing together a financial plan for our clients.