Get to Know…

Our Team members are what we believe sets us apart from other businesses. Join us as we sit down with our Marketing Executive, Kat Thanes, to talk about her day-to-day life in Marketing at Foresight, and what she gets up to when she’s not in the office. 

Tell us a bit about yourself


I’ve been working in Marketing for about 10 years now, I have an Events Management degree from Chester University and have had the opportunity to work in Cape Town, SA which was fantastic. Working in several different industries over my career so far has helped me to increase my knowledge significantly and I enjoy having multiple projects running at the same time.


Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors and spend most of my weekends hiking, paddleboarding and cycling. In the summer I go to a number of festivals and it’s rare to have a weekend with no plans. 


What does your job involve?


My job is quite varied, which is something I enjoy about it. Foresight is growing quickly, which means alongside a branding refresh and a new website, I have also been looking at the internal processes and making sure we can scale quickly. 


A lot of my current projects are working towards future-proofing the company, making sure we can handle the growth we have planned, and also that our brand is being put in front of the right people. 


Marketing as an industry is constantly evolving so on top of organising several internal and external projects, I am always researching and testing new campaigns. Foresight prides itself on being dynamic and having a young team, so it’s important that our marketing reflects that, but is also relevant to our target audience.  


What is your favourite part of your job?


I enjoy the creativity that comes with my job, as well as the forward planning. I like to be organised, so planning monthly campaigns is exciting to me. We have a great branding and design agency on board to support us, so I know that our branding will always look great. I never get bored of seeing our campaigns “out in the wild”. 


What does a typical day look like for you?


My days are really varied, so it’s quite hard to do a typical day. At Foresight we work to a 90-day timeframe throughout the business, and over those 90 days, I will have several pre-agreed projects to complete. 

These often include the organisation of an event or webinar, a way to improve our client journey, and the enhancement of an internal process. All of which are imperative to the company meeting future goals. 


I also organise the monthly mailers and manage all social media channels, so time each day will go into collecting information, creating assets, and scheduling them appropriately to ensure they get the highest views and open rates.  


In your eyes, what makes Foresight a good company to work for?


One of the things I like at Foresight is the open culture, we have weekly opportunities to discuss project progress and quarterly performance reviews, which gives ample occasions to bring up anything good or bad. I also work directly with the owners of the business who openly share the goals for the company and the current position against those goals. 


I feel supported here and have been given a lot of trust in my knowledge and expertise to deliver. Unlike a lot of bigger companies I have worked in you know here that you are not just a number, we do a lot socially as a company and have a really good work/ life balance. 


What do you get up to outside of work?


My husband and I are quite outdoorsy and recently purchased a campervan, we spend a lot of our weekends away somewhere doing activities like hiking, mountain biking or wild swimming. If I’m not away I’m usually in Manchester at a gig, or having dinner and wine somewhere new. It’s safe to say we aren’t home birds, but when I am at home I read a lot and am trying to coax my garden into something the RHS would be proud of.