Solidus Award

At Foresight, we always aim to provide the best service for our clients and work hard to maintain these standards.  However, it is always good to have outside recognition of our efforts.

We are proud to announce that have been awarded the Solidus Achievement of Excellence for our Estate Planning and Trust based solutions.  Solidus are leading Estate Practitioners and the preferred provider of Trusts for Foresight clients for over 10 years.

Pictured above is our resident Trust and Estate Planning expert, Sam Hudson, receiving the award from Malcolm Noblett, Solidus’ Managing Director at the recent Solidus Annual Conference.

This award recognises our comprehensive estate planning service and reinforces the significant benefits that clients receive through our innovative and comprehensive Trust based solutions.

By organising your estate through effective Will and Trust planning, we ensure that families fully benefit from any inheritance that they are intended to receive.  Importantly, we also ensure that wealth is protected for future generations.

Being organised also means there is no ambiguity regarding who acts in which capacity or who is due to receive any of your estate.  Whilst this may seem a daunting task, we guide clients every step of the way and explain this complex area of law in a clear, easy-to-understand way which means clients have confidence that their wishes will be followed.

You will also be pleased to hear that we have been nominated for the finals of the Professional Adviser of the Year Awards for the 4th year in succession – a fantastic achievement in itself – the results of those awards won’t be announced until the end of April, but we are crossing our fingers that we can repeat our win of 2019 again.

We will keep you informed!