Use those Tesco Clubcard Points!

More than two million Tesco customers could potentially lose out on a total of £13 million worth of Clubcard vouchers if they do not use them.

The vouchers, first issued in December 2020, expire automatically after 2 years if not claimed, meaning that customers would lose out on the savings. The benefit of the vouchers can be trebled if they are used with over 100 reward partners, meaning that the total value of the vouchers could be as much as £39m.

The money could provide some relief to shoppers after it was revealed the average grocery shop has risen by £40 per month as grocery inflation hits 14.7%. A recent report found that consumer spending rose by 3.5% in October, but Britons are cutting back ahead of Christmas.

Tesco, UK’s biggest retailer said that it was “inflating prices a little bit less and a little bit later” than the competition as families’ budgets were squeezed and that they would be giving Clubcard points a double boost and would also be sending an additional £100 million worth of vouchers out in November.