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Fall in Consumer Inflation

The Office for National Statistics recently reported that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell to 2.6% from its previous four year high of 2.9%. Bank of England policymakers and economists have debated over whether the spike in inflation should be the catalyst for the Bank Of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to start tightening fiscal

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DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU – Information Session, 28th June

Important changes to the rules regarding Inheritance Tax come in to effect from April 2017 with the introduction of the Residence Nil Rate Band, which means that £1m, could fall outside a couple’s estate.  For many local residents, this could mean that their main residence falls outside the scope of this pernicious tax.  However, the many

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Autumn Statement

In the midst of economic and political uncertainty, Philip Hammond delivered his first and last Autumn Statement – as the Autumn Statement is now being scrapped – which outlined the first major economic statement from Government since Theresa May took power. The Quick Version Overall, our view is that this is an Autumn Statement that,

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Wafer Thin Pensions

Bernard Matthews has joined the ever increasing list of companies with a pension black hole and is expected to be rescued by the Pension Protection Fund as The Work & Pension Select Committee reports a £17.5 million deficit. For current and previous employees of Bernard Matthews, it is likely they will have to adapt to

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60 Years of Premium Bonds

The UKs largest saving product remains as popular as ever after 60 years.  Originally introduced by Harold McMillan in 1956 with numbers randomly picked out by ERNIE – the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment, it now uses thermal noises in transistors as its source of randomness and can generate over one million winners per hour.

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