June 16 , 2022 / Posted by Lissa Horton / Advice News /

The Tax Claw is coming

Within this new tax year, which started on 6th April, there are a couple of new ways in which you could potentially pay more tax.    National Insurance (NI) is rising, but the threshold at which it starts to be paid will also be raised. NI is set to rise by 1.25% from April and

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June 16 , 2022 / Posted by Kat Thanes / News /

New Starter

We are pleased to welcome James Allen to the team as our latest Wealth Strategist, to ensure that we are able to maintain and improve our service levels as we continue to grow.  James has been working in financial services for 14 years in areas such as mortgages and protection and is looking forward to

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June 16 , 2022 / Posted by Lissa Horton / News /

New Starter

We are delighted to welcome Kat Thanes to our team as our in-house Marketing Executive.  Kat has been with us since April and has been working away behind the scenes.  You may have noticed some of the changes she has already implemented and over the next few months many more will appear.  Kat’s role with

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May 18 , 2022 / Posted by Lissa Horton / News /

HMRC calculated that the number of people would increase by 300,000 to 4.6 million people in the 2021/2022 tax year

However, these HMRC estimates were based on Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) estimates for wage growth from March 2021, which have since changed significantly.  Parliament has also frozen current long term tax thresholds, as well as ever-increasing inflation appearing on the scene. HMRC’s estimated number of higher rate taxpayers was based on a 0.9% growth

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