Trusts set up for people you love

Intergenerational wealth preservation and succession planning are always hot topics when we speak with clients.  The ability to protect your estate for the benefit of your family is always a key planning priority.  Estate planning ensures that no beneficiaries go without, whilst enabling protection from the external factors which impact intergenerational wealth transfer.  That is

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How to invest your Children’s inheritance

Finding a suitable investment for a child’s inheritance can be a daunting task for parents.  Firstly, there is often an emotional attachment to the money because of the way it was generated.  Secondly, there is often a reluctance to take investment risk because any loss is considered to be a waste of the inheritance and

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What does ‘financial independence’ mean?

Every year, the average person spends over 100 hours commuting to and from work, 2,500 hours at work and, believe it or not, travelling 8 miles a year on an office chair. The reason that these statistics are so important, is that so many people are concerned with when they are financially independent and can

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Brexit: What’s happening?

Whether you were a Brexiteer or Remainer, we can all agree that the Brexit ordeal has been as confusing as it has been arduous. Even the most diligent of us have found it difficult to keep pace with the twists and turns of the negotiations; with an ever-changing cast of politicians and tabloid rhetoric only

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Unregulated mini-bonds

The current investment landscape can be challenging for investors to navigate, with interest rates at record lows and likely to remain that way for a considerable period of time.  Savers can no longer rely on deposit rates to generate the returns they require from their capital and this is forcing many investors to look at

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Probate increases scrapped

During the General Election, we learnt that the Government has dropped its controversial plans to increase Probate fees – again. Under plans first unveiled in 2016, the minimum fee to be paid when administering an estate after death would have increased from £215 to £250, affecting all estates with assets of over £5,000 and less

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Care Home Funding

Families are now self-funding care at a record level, with £7.74 billion paid for by families in the last year alone.  This was a 95% rise on the £3.97 billion self-funded in 2007, showing the massive increase in care home fees that families are having to provide for. This drastic increase has not been mirrored

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Low cost investing…

Investment charges are an inevitable consequence of holding any investment.  However, it is important to realise that any costs reduce growth.  Active managers aim to justify their fees by outperforming the relevant benchmark or providing a specialist approach.  Passive or tracker funds simply track their relevant index. Index tracker funds have been designed to be

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